Mikey Bondoc is the creator, author and illustrator of The Radventures of Radimus Platypus. He is an east coast native and calls New York City home. He has worked in the apparel industry for almost twenty years as a graphic designer, concept designer, art director and creative consultant. 

Not unlike Radimus, Mikey is a lover of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and yoga. This love has taken him on many radventures from snowboarding in Utah, Wyoming and Montana; surfing in the Philippines, Bali, Costa Rica and Southern California, where he lived for five years. Through a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle in Laguna Beach, CA, Radimus Platypus was conceived. Mikey believes in following his heart to make his dreams come true. The intention for The Radventures of Radimus Platypus is to inspire children and adults all over the world to follow their hearts too.

Here is Mikey's mission statement for the Radimus Platypus brand:

"I want to inspire a generation of creative and innovative thinkers that are confident in who they are and what they believe in. Radimus Platypus inspires children to be creative, to dream, to play. To create a life that revolves around the things that they love to do, the things that make them unique. Radimus inspires children to be themselves without fear of judgement from others. Children are the future leaders of the world. Encouraging and allowing them to be who they are, instead of telling them or trying to shape them into who we think they should be, will create enormous positive change in the world. By instilling these beliefs in children, they have a higher potential for creating happy, more fulfilling lives as adults and will be more equipped to heal and change the world."

Mikey is a strong advocate for the preservation of the planet and all life that inhabits it. The Radimus Platypus brand is committed to supporting organizations that spread environmental awareness as well as children's health, well-being and creative thinking.

CONTACT US: hello@radimusplatypus.com