The Radventures of Radimus Platypus, Vol. 1 The Hatch by Mikey Bondoc

Vol. 1 The Hatch is an exciting rhyming tale about the birth of a curious and forever stoked platypus named Radimus. The radventure starts when Ma Platypus is suddenly awakened by her egg that is rolling around the burrow. She is fearful that her baby is in harm's way but the little pup knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s ready to burst into the world to follow his heart and create a life of happiness, joy, bliss, and board sports.

This inspiring radventure reminds all of us at any age to listen to our hearts and do what comes most naturally.

Ages: 4-8

Dimensions: 10.25" x 8.25" x .375"

ISBN#: 978-0-692-58629-7

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